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In this article, we will talk about how to setup windows machine for Xamarin. So let`s get started. 


In previous article, we talked about how Xamarin can help us to build cross platform mobile applications using C#. Now in this article, we will setup our windows machine for Xamarin. Using Xamarin on windows machine, we can develop apps for Android and Windows Phone only. In this article, our main focus will be on getting Xamarin with Android SDK installed. So let`s get started.

Xamarin is included in every edition of Visual Studio including the Visual Studio Community Edition. If you don`t have Visual Studio 2015 already installed on your machine, then you can download the free Visual Studio Community Edition from Visual Studio Website.

After downloading the installer, double click the installer to begin the installation process and choose Custom installation option. In the features list expand Cross Platform Mobile Development option and check C#/.NET (Xamarin) option and then proceed with installation. It will install all the bits required for Xamarin including the Android SDK.

If you have the Visual Studio 2015 already installed, then to install Xamarin we need to modify the Visual Studio Installation. To modify Visual Studio installation, go to Control Panel and click on Uninstall a Program as shown below (F:1). 

Modify Visual Studio Installation

It will open up a window which will show all the programs installed on your machine. Select Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 from the list and click on Change button as shown below (F: 2)

Change Visual Studio Installation Process

It will open up Visual Studio setup. Click on the Modify button as shown below (F: 3) to proceed.

Visual Studio Installer

After clicking on Modify button, it will show the list of features that we can install. Expand Cross Platform Mobile Development option and check C#/.NET (Xamarin) option and click on Update button as shown below (F: 4).

Select Xamarin Feature

On my machine Xamarin is already installed because of which the option is disabled. After clicking on Update button, it will install all the bits required for Xamarin.

Another option is you can download the Xamarin Installer from Xamarin website. (When you visit the link, we need to feel out a simple form to download the installer).

Both the options will install the Android SDK. Now the next part is Android emulators. Emulators that comes which Android SDK are slow. So there are three options for android emulators.

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Emulator For Android
  2. Genymotion
  3. Xamarin Android Player

I personally use Microsoft Visual Studio Emulator for Android. These are Hyper-V based emulator. To install these emulators, we need to have Hyper-V featured enable on windows machine. To enable Hyper-V feature on windows machine go to Control Panel. Select Programs and click on Turn Windows feature on or off option as shown below (F: 5)

Turn on or off Windows Feature

It will open a dialog which shows all the windows features we can turn on or off. Select Hyper-V feature from the list and click on OK button as shown below (F: 6)

Enable Hyper-V Feature

After clicking on Ok button, installation process will begin and then Hyper-V feature will be enabled. After the installation process is completed, we need to restart the computer for changes to take effect and then we can continue with the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio Emulators for Android.

Now at this step we have everything setup and ready to get started with mobile app development with C# using Xamarin.


In this article, we talked about setting up our window machine for Xamarin. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Happy Coding!

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