List of usefull extensions for Visual Studio 2015 and Chrome

Visual Studio 2015 Extensions:

  • Web Essentials 2015.3:

    It is a must have extension for any webdeveloper using Visual Studio.It contains many features that makes a web developer life easier.

  • Web Extension Pack:

    Installs short list of highly valuable extensions targeted for web development.

  • Bootstrap Bundle:

    It includes project template for all the Bootstrap example layouts and for Start Bootstrap's Modern Business and Business Casual full website templates.

  • Bootstrap Snippet Pack:

    It contains collection of snippets for Twitter Bootstrap framework.

  • C# Analyzers and Refactorings:

    It contain roslyn based analyzers and refactorings for C#

  • Snippet Essentials:

    It contains 700+ snippets for C# which will be helpful while coding.

  • Learn the Shortcut:

    It display the keyboard shortcut for any command we execute to help learn shortcut

  • Open in command line:

    It provide easiest way to open command prompt from Visual Studio.

  • nopCommerce Plugin Project Template:

    It provide a simple class library to get started quickly with nopCommerce plugin development. This library contains basic content which are required for nopCommerce plugin like Description.txt, plugin configuration file etc.

  • Clear MEF Component Cache:

    This extension clears the MEF cache on disk and let visual studio rebuild it. The reason for clearing the MEF cache is that it can become corrupted. This ususally happens when installing or updating extensions or other Visual Studio components.

  • Productivity Power Tools 2015:

    This extension add some powerful tools which are helpful to increase the developer productivity.

Xamarin for Visual Studio Extensions:

Chrome Extensions:

  • JSON View:

    Validate and View JSON documents

  • Postman:

    Useful for building, testing, and documenting APIs.

  • Web Developer Checklist:

    This extension allows us to very easily discover problem areas in our website.

  • YSlow:

    YSlow analyzes web pages and why they're slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for high performance web sites

  • AngularJS Batarang:

    Extends the developers tools for debugging and profiling angular js applications.